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Setting boundaries_

Stacey J. Warner


"Horses have shown me the subtleties of boundary setting.  Not every horse or human needs the same amount of energy, some need less and some need more. Getting a sense of the individual's needs is key to building trust.  Gaining a person or horse's trust is the first step to being a great leader." 

Stacey J. Warner, owner of Horse Powered Leadership, LLC is thrilled to be establishing herself in Louisville, Kentucky.  Previous to her Louisville arrival she was in California running a successful coaching business working with corporations, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and creatives to have more successful lives and businesses. 

From a young age Stacey was seen as leader being offered a managerial position at her first job, McDonalds to being put in charge of a crisis in the school uniform department at Harrod's of Knightsbridge in London. While attending The University of Washington, she worked as a Stage Manager responsible for large crews of college kids while also being in charge of the Professional Actor's Training Program's productions.  She then went on to become a filmmaker, producing and directing her own films and continued stage managing and directing professional theater in Los Angeles.  

In Los Angeles she worked at MGM, Deluxe Digital Management, Lionsgate, and Summit Entertainment where she experienced first hand how poor management styles wreak havoc on corporate culture causing reduced productivity and success.  Most days she'd find co-workers in her office seeking guidance on how to communicate, ask for raises, set boundaries, ask for promotions, and succeed without playing the "corporate game,"etc. 

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In 2011 she left her secure, well paying career to follow her dream of being a Life Coach using horses as guides for her clients.  She has facilitated hundreds of weekend workshops, overnight retreats, international retreats, full day corporate trainings, and 1:1 intensives.  Full list of credentials.

Stacey feels incredibly grateful to be partnered with Twin Oaks Farm, established in 1982, by Debbie and Jesse Dickey.  Thankful for her other perfect partner, her horse Boone, who has taught her patience and compassion as a leader and her son, Cole. 

In Partnership


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Horse Powered Leadership is absolutely thrilled to be partnered with Kentucky Humane Society Equine C.A.R.E. 

The Kentucky Humane Society’s Willow Hope Farm includes 42 acres of pasture, 38 stalls, a quarantine barn, and an indoor arena for year round use. KHS’ Equine C.A.R.E. (connect, assist, rescue and educate) Program focuses on horses in transition, finding them new careers. Priorities include moving horses from crisis into safe homes or rescue, providing re-homing services to horse owners who can no longer keep them, matching available horses with adopters, and making educational tools and resources available to our equine community. Learn more here.

Willow Hope Farm, just 35 minutes from downtown Louisville, offers a wonderful indoor arena for leadership and team building programs year around. The facility also offers a conference room for a break from extra warm or cold days allowing for programs to run year round. 

Each program offers an opportunity to connect with current horses that have been rescued by KHS.  Not only is this a win for your team but you will also be helping KHS continue their work in helping animals around Kentucky. 

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