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Welcome to Horse Powered Leadership, LLC, offering cutting edge experiential corporate trainings dedicated to creating healthier work environments and more financial success by engaging clients in horse powered games that focus on social intelligence and leadership empowerment.  


Times are changing and so is leadership style.  The predatory, dog-eat-dog world of leadership is now shifting to a more socially intelligent, empathic, integrated based leadership where the strengths of individuals are catered to rather than forcing innovative employees to fit a mold with no individuality. At Horse Powered Leadership our focus is ushering clients into this new paradigm.

How do horses help us become better leaders for today's world? 



Yes, we are serving clients during Covid-19.  Our work is done in large spaces and we follow all protocol to keep everyone safe.

As you enter back into the "new norm," how to lead your team to remain connected while staying safe is the big question. Horses have the answer. 


Being outdoors around animals breathes new energy into the present as we move into the future. 

Horse Hugs_

Mikal, Socialworker

Working with Stacey reminds me how sensitive and connected everything is. Her ability to very quickly pinpoint the root of a problem is astounding.  She taught me about the power of making my actions 100% intentional and the strength to have clear boundaries.


Angie, Singer/Songwriter

Stacey's clear direction helped me take charge of my career and become a leader of my own life.  Before working with her, I feared negotiations or taking a stand for myself.  Now I have no problem switching between artist and business woman and asking for what I want. 


Michelle, Entrepeneur 

Stacey inspired me to take charge of my life and my business. I was holding myself back with my own limited beliefs. I know now that success comes with taking risks which I now have the courage to take. Change cannot come without getting uncomfortable even if it's positive.  

20 Minutes from downtown Louisville, Kentucky. 


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