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Working in partnership with Twin Oaks Farm we have access to over 15 horses that bring out exactly the leadership skills that need to be worked on by you.   This is one of the greatest gifts of working with horses. You will learn more about yourself as a leader in 15 minutes with a horse than a day in the boardroom "learning" about leadership.  You will experience authentic leadership in the bones.

The hay is high

Stacey J. Warner


"Horses have shown me the subtleties of boundary setting.  Not every horse or human needs the same amount of energy, some need less and some need more. Getting a sense of the individual's needs is key to building trust.  Gaining a person or horse's trust is the first step to being a great leader." 


Stacey J. Warner, owner of Horse Powered Leadership, LLC is thrilled to be establishing herself in Louisville, Kentucky.  Previous to her Louisville arrival she was in California running a successful coaching business working with corporations, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and creatives to have more successful lives and businesses. 

From a young age Stacey was seen as leader being offered a managerial position at her first job,  McDonalds to being put in charge of a crisis in the school uniform department at Harrod's of Knightsbridge in London.  In college she worked as a Stage Manager responsible for large crews of college kids in charge of the Professional Actor's Training Program's productions.  She then became a filmmaker, producing and directing her own films and continued stage managing  and directing professional theater in Los Angeles.  

In Los Angeles she worked at MGM, Deluxe Digital Management, Lionsgate, and Summit Entertainment where she experienced first hand how poor management styles wreak havoc on corporate culture causing reduced productivity and success.  Most days she'd find co-workers in her office seeking guidance on how to communicate, ask for raises, set boundaries, ask for promotions, succeed without playing the "corporate game,"etc. 

In 2011 she left her secure, well paying career to follow her dream of being a Life Coaching using horses as guides for her clients.  She has facilitated hundreds of weekend workshops, overnight retreats, international retreats, full day corporate trainings, and 1:1 intensives.  Full list of credentials.

Stacey feels incredibly grateful to be partnered with Twin Oaks Farm, established in 1982, by Debbie and Jesse Dickey,  for her horse Boone, who has taught her patience and compassion as a leader and her son, Cole. 


Kristen Barley-Dickey


"Horses have taught me that conscious leadership comes from observing, not always leading with my agenda.  It's about being adaptable. Horses have guided me to know when to step up, as well as when to step back and to encourage uncertain scenarios for growth and inspiration. 

To lead towards unity as a team...ultimately as "one." 

Kristen Barley, is a natural coach and leader. I'm thrilled to have her as part of the Horse Powered Leadership team.  Kristen was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and is carrying on her family legacy at Twin Oaks Farm. Through her family’s business, she has worked with horses for 32 years. Her education and work experience in health, wellness, and occupational therapy make her the perfect fit for co-facilitating leadership workshops. 


Kristen graduated from the University of Louisville  with a B.S. in Health Promotion and Human Performance. She has a strong background in physical therapy and rehabilitation, working with KORT Rehab in Louisville. Kristen has also coached at Corporate Health, drawing from her love of helping others to instruct proper diet and exercise habits. She's a certified personal trainer and has utilized her creativity in launching corporate health and wellness programs/initiatives. 


 With her loved ones - including her menagerie of animals - by her side, she is continuing the family legacy by expanding what Twin Oaks Farm has to offer.  I am blessed to be a part of it. 


When Stacey moved to Louisville, she made a promise to herself that she would only re-launch her horse business if she found a barn that felt like family.  She found it at Twin Oaks Farm.  

A few months after moving to Louisville, Stacey looked for a place to take riding lessons and find community. Twin Oaks Farm had a great feel.  Stacey slowly fell in love with all of the horses.  A few months later she began leasing and soon realized this was the place to put down roots and re-launch.  She then bought her horse Boone and the bond with the barn was solidified.


 Debbie and her husband Jesse bought the farm in 1982 and built a seven stall barn.  It wasn't long before boarders began to come and in 1989 Debbie was able to quit her job at the bank and run the barn full time.  

Debbie's passion for horses and natural horsemanship matched Stacey's. They were kindred spirits, along with Debbie and Jesse's daughter Kristen.  Twin Oaks Barn has over 15 well mannered horses ready to teach you the essentials of conscious authentic leadership. 


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