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What Horses Teach Us About Leadership

If you want to receive immediate feedback for how you are showing up in the world then spend time with a horse. 

Horses are highly social and have no interest in human hierarchies  or stories. They don't know if you are a CEO or an intern.  Whatever your position, they will reflect back to you a very clear picture of how you are showing up with an immediate, open and honest response. 

There are many leader development programs using experiential learning that usually consist of games, role-play, or an activity which relies on facilitators or peer participants giving feedback. These can be useful but the feedback is socially filtered and often given after the fact when you can no longer do anything differently. 

Working with horses you will receive immediate feedback and incorporate a different way of being to receive a different response in the moment. ​You will feel it in your bones how it feels to set a strong boundary, or get the same results being less assertive. 


Horses are tuned in and highly aware of their environment.  They are able to discern things that are not on our radar. Years ago I was doing a cattle drive with a "cowboy" who wanted me to ride my horse, Winnie, up the hill to move a lone cow back to the herd.  Try as I may, Winnie would not go up that hill.  I felt like a complete failure and my ego was bruised in front of this "cowboy," who by the way carried a pistol in a holster.  He began to lope his horse towards the hill and immediately sunk into a bog up to the horses back hips.   I was thankful in that moment that I didn't force my horse up the hill.  Winnie knew. In that moment, I learned how to give over as leader. Not an easy lesson. 

Horses work with non verbal communication.  They work on a physical and emotional level, picking up micro body language cues and energy. In turn their body language and what they are or are not  willing to do for us is vital feedback.  For the safety of the herd, they are constantly asking "Who is leading? Me or you?"  "Do I trust you enough to follow?" 

I've heard more than one client say, "I've read a lot about leadership but today I felt what it is to be a leader." 

Great leadership comes from a combination of mind, heart, gut, which creates the power of intention. You will have a direct experience of this with horses. 

Immediate outcomes:

  • Know Thyself - you will experience how you are as a leader and then make the changes you want to make in real time. 

  • Making Connections - how do you connect as a leader? What are the quality of your relationships with your team and other leaders? 

  • Express Yourself - feel the impact of your actions, intentions, energy.

  • Eliminate Uncertainty - clear expectations are key to great leadership.

  • Set the Stage - creating a space where everyone feels safe to grow and learn, including you. 

  • Feedback - how to give and receive feedback so your team and company can thrive. 

  • Build a Bridge - building connections between team members. 

  • Recognize & Celebrate - recognizing and appreciating a job well done. 

  • Show You Care - Developing an atmosphere of trust. 



All programs are curated just for you, your team, and the needs of the company.  

We offer full day corporate programs and 1/2 day programs with a maximum of 6 people with additional pricing for each additional person.  Lunch is included for the full day retreat and can be included for 1/2 day retreat.


Private executive sessions are also available.  

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